Products & Programs

Launch and Scale Your Online Business

(For Course Creators and Coaches)


The premier membership for coaches, course creators, and online business owners. Monthly masterclasses, live group coaching, tech support, and actionable steps you can implement quickly to ignite your business.

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Challenge Launch Bootcamp

In just 4 days you'll learn how to launch your offers with a challenge that boosts your revenue, grows your list, and skyrockets your business.

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Challenge Launch Roadmap

Convert cold leads to customers with ease in this comprehensive program that teaches how to create successful challenge launches that build a long-lasting and profitable online business. 

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Countdown to Launch with Kajabi 

A step-by-step Kajabi training program that fast-tracks your learning curve so you can launch and build a profitable online business.

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Affiliate Marketing Workshop

Add a recurring stream of revenue to your business! Get instant access to my brand new workshop: 5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

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Create Organized Systems for Your Business

The Digital Clutter Cure

An online program designed to eliminate overwhelm, ditch the clutter, and transform your business with streamlined systems that increase clarity, productivity, and profits.

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The Digital Clutter Cure: Evernote Edition

In this step-by-step training program, you'll learn how to create an organized system for your life and business using Evernote, a tool that helps you remember everything.

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Make the Most of Canva

Learn how to create and organize all of your business designs with shortcuts, systems, and resources that take you from confused to Canva confident.

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Business Profitability Tracker  

Track your revenue, expenses, and profit margin in a customizable, easy-to-use Google Sheet. Includes a video tutorial.

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  12-Week Sprint Planner               

A 123-page PDF guide that helps you determine, plan, and accomplish your most important goal in 12 weeks.

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Programs for Mac Users

Maximize Your Mac

The easy-to-follow roadmap that shows you how to set up, organize, and simplify everything you do on your Mac.

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Ecamm Made Easy

Boost engagement, build connections and fast-track your sales goals with Ecamm Live... even if you have never done a live video in your life.

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