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What if you could stop overwhelm in its tracks, 10x your business growth & make a great living helping people?

Unlock your full potential with live group coaching, monthly masterclasses, & actionable steps you can implement right away to quickly get the results you’re looking for - without having to do it alone.

“I’m overwhelmed by everything! Creating offers, keeping up with social media, understanding technology… There is so much to do, I feel paralyzed.”

  "I’m tired of doing this alone… I need an expert to steer me in the right direction."

  “I feel like I’m working all the time, but not getting the profits I deserve.”

  “I overthink the whole process. I feel like I should never talk about, sell or share anything until I know the exact plan. Until I know for sure I won’t fail.”

  “There is so much information out there, I have no clue which advice is right for my business.”

  “I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I waited too long to launch things.”

  “I am scraping to make $3-4K per month.”

Fellow business owners, 

If overwhelm and uncertainty are stopping you from leveling up your online business, then read this carefully.

Because I understand how you feel.

I know what it’s like to want to take the next step… but not know how.

I’ve felt the frustration and struggle of not knowing where to focus.

You know what I’m talking about.

You feel like you are battling one crisis after another.

You're stretched too thin. Working round the clock, you are forced to cut short your family time. But that’s still not enough to get everything done. 

No matter how hard you work, you are not seeing the results you hoped for, or getting the profits you deserve.

Sometimes you feel so tired, you just want to give up…

Look, I get it. 

Building a business is tough and time-consuming.

I remember scrambling around, feeling like I don’t have enough hours in a day to tick off all the things on my to-do list.

I was burned out and exhausted.

So trust me when I say this…

You Are NOT Alone

I was exactly where you are now…

With no idea where to focus to reach my goal.

Unsure of what to do to scale my business to the next level.

But all that changed when I discovered something truly transformational.

It literally shifted the trajectory of my business. 

It pulled me out of doing busy work and not getting results to gaining massive traction in just a few months.

Once I realized this, there was no stopping my growth.

Within six weeks of resigning from my corporate job to launch my business, I held a challenge and went from zero to $10K.

I even made $43K in just 7 days from a single challenge.

And now I run a wildly profitable business from home doing what I love, on my own schedule.

... A business that has helped me retire my husband from his 9-to-5, given me the freedom to homeschool, and the ability to take time off when my parents or kids need me.

✔ "I have complete clarity, direction & guidance on how to scale my business to 6-figures.”

“My business started with zero revenue. A year later I was making nearly $16,000 a month.”

 ✔ “I can now run my profit-making online business from home and control my schedule. This is a blessing because I have two kids under age 4.”

 “My business has taken off! And the best part… I don’t have to think twice before taking my family on fun vacations or donating to amazing charities.”

 ✔ “I had a 135% increase in sales compared to last year.”

 ✔ “I was able to pay off my mother’s hospital bill without worrying about my bank balance. She can just focus on getting better now.”


Today, I am going to peel back the curtains and show you exactly how I run my business that consistently generates 6 figures year after year.

So that you too can live your dream in a way that fuels you and lights you up!

Because you deserve to create a business and life your heart longs for. 


The membership with everything you need to build a thriving, profitable business without wasting years on trial and error


Join the Ignite experience to defeat overwhelm, 10X your progress & scale your business - FAST

Expert Level Coaching

Stop spending months running in circles. With carefully curated topics that are designed to fire up your growth… you’ll be learning and implementing strategies that will make the biggest impact on your business success.

Weekly Mentorship

No more wishing there was someone in your corner. Because with Ignite, there is! Equip yourself with the support and wisdom of a seasoned business owner… who has been in the trenches, running successful businesses for more than 20 years.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Put an end to the frantic Google searches on steps to set up landing pages & optimizing Zapier. I’ll guide you on everything you need, from figuring out a plan that works best for you to setting up your business for long-term success - step-by-step.

Community Support

We get it. Running a business can get lonely. But, with a crew of energetic, encouraging, and passionate Igniters to cheer you up and support you, you’ll never feel alone again. Connect and brainstorm ideas in a safe, no-judgment zone with people who are in the same boat as you.


Ignite will help you work smarter, not harder


✨ Discover the strategies &  techniques that are working today… so that you know precisely how to  create a  wildfire offer, show it to excited customers, and launch it to explosive results.

✨ Get an insider look at the workings of different types of launches, leads, and offers… (and, the common mistakes to avoid to keep the money flowing in)


✨ Whether you swear by Instagram, FB, emails, or any other platform, you’ll learn the proven ways to connect and expand your reach… so that you always have a line of willing customers wanting to buy from you.

✨ Uncover the key psychological triggers to get inside the mind of your audience and persuade them to work with you. (This is the ultimate shortcut to make sure your sales never fizzle out)



✨ Find out the systems 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs use in their business to convert connections into customers… and why they are the key to getting you going in the right direction.

✨ Implementing these tools and techniques can streamline your business and help you eliminate physical, mental, and digital clutter… so that you can flare up your income and impact tenfold.


✨ It took me 7 years to develop and finetune the systems and frameworks I use today. Inside the membership, you'll get the proven process to IGNITE your abundance-generating business to live a joyful life.

 By the end of each month, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to level up your business, hit those income goals, and have the opportunity to elevate your family’s lifestyle. 

Hi, I'm Lydia

Owner of Banish Business Clutter and host of the Launch Perspective podcast.

I help entrepreneurs simplify overwhelming tech and build highly profitable businesses so they can live a life of freedom and impact.

I’ve noticed three crucial things that set apart wildly successful business owners from the ones that struggle.

It has been true for the hundreds of students I’ve mentored.

In fact, I experienced it myself when I was building and growing my business.

The first big difference is that successful entrepreneurs are part of a community.

A community of like-minded people who are also building online courses or coaching businesses.

A place where they brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and celebrate each other's wins. 

As part of your Ignite membership, here’s what you’ll get every single month...

Monthly Masterclass

In the first week of every month, you’ll discover a brand new masterclass designed to improve your business skills in the shortest time possible.

The ‘topic in focus’ will be hand-picked by me. We’ll cover everything from creating digital downloads to launch strategies to generating firecracker content ideas.

This hour-long, detailed step-by-step LIVE tutorial will focus on one aspect of your business each month that can skyrocket your growth. 

You’ll get tangible action steps that you can implement in a month… so that you finally get the income and freedom you’ve worked hard for.

“All you’ll ever need” Tech Training

A LIVE training on the exact tech, templates, and tools I use to automate my business and launch offers fast. You’ll find all the information you need about the software and templates I use related to the topic in focus.

No more tech overwhelm stopping you from bringing in those $$$. Learn the secrets to automating, systemizing, and creating products that will put you on the road to making money.

Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions

Have doubts as you are brainstorming and implementing the topic of the month? Here’s the opportunity to get your tough questions answered.

Join the live Q&A calls on weeks 2 & 4 to get practical help from an expert, including personal feedback and ideas on what you are creating, live on camera, from yours truly. 

Whether your question is related to technology, getting more registrations, building your lead list, getting more sales, or creating evergreen products... bring it to the Q&A sessions.

Networking and Training Opportunities

In the 3rd week of each month, we have a Networking Event where members meet in breakout rooms to connect and learn from each other. 

Those you meet with become your Progress Partners for the month... people who are there to bring accountability and encouragement as you work toward your goals.

We also offer an opportunity for members to do a Member Spotlight in the group! This is a chance to share a training or tip with other members, in addition to a free or paid resources. Gain experience and potentially some new paying clients or customers!

Implement & Ignite! 🔥

Throughout the month, you’ll get all the actionable steps, templates, tools, and training you need to double down on your skill, spark your growth and save time. 

These are the same resources and strategies that’ve actually scaled my business results… and I show you how to make them work for you.

Inside the membership, you’ll get everything you need to ignite a thriving business - training sessions, Progress Partners, and personalized support on hand so that crossing the finish line becomes inevitable.


Curious about what you’ll discover in Ignite?

Here’s a small sneak peak at the topics we cover in our masterclasses and Q&A sessions.

Course Creation Mastery

Make Money In your Sleep With Digital Downloads

Flare Up Your Sales With Challenge Launches

Podcasting Playbook

Email Marketing Strategies To Skyrocket your Sales

How to Grow and Nurture Your Email List

From Clutter To Clarity With Digital Organization

Upgrade Your Brand Design

Social Media Strategies for Business Growth

A Newbies Guide To Live Streaming


How to Create Blockbuster Holiday Promos

How to Hire and Manage a Winning Team

Let's Recap...

Here's what you’ll get with the membership EVERY MONTH


🌟 Dynamic Monthly Masterclasses: Dive deep into high-impact topics, and get equipped with actionable steps, templates, and training for immediate implementation.

🙋‍♀️ Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Personalize your journey with two opportunities every month to get direct coaching from me.

🤝 Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Engage in monthly live sessions with fellow Ignite Members. Plus, access our Member Directory to connect, share links, and build collaborations.

💬 Ignite Inner Circle Community: A dedicated Facebook group where you can seek advice, feedback, and participate in accountability challenges to keep your momentum blazing.

🛠 Tech Library at Your Fingertips: Navigate the online world with ease using our comprehensive tutorials on varied tools. And, if you need more? Just request!

📑 Ready-to-Use Resources: Be efficient with our curated templates, checklists, PDF guides, and cheatsheets, optimized for platforms like Kajabi and Canva.

💥 Bonus Courses (FREE): As an Ignite member, access three of my coveted programs without additional costs: Make the Most of Canva, Ecamm Made Easy, and Countdown to Launch with Kajabi.

🎤 Spotlight Opportunity: Step into the limelight with our 'Member Spotlight' initiative. Teach within our group, gain experience, and promote your lead magnet or offer to a receptive audience.

Total Monthly Value = $1497+

Wait, there's more...

You’ll also get access to 3 bonus programs

BONUS #1: Countdown to Launch

For those using Kajabi to run their business, this step-by-step training fast-tracks your learning curve… so you can launch and build a booming profitable online business in no time.

Value $497

Unlimited Access with your Ignite Membership

BONUS #2: Make the Most of Canva

Design, edit, and organize stunning graphics like a pro on Canva. Learn how to create eye-catching social media posts, templates, or guides that take your content to the next level. 

Value $297

Unlimited Access with your Ignite Membership

BONUS #3: Ecamm Made Easy

This training will help you confidently communicate your message on camera, boost engagement, and build connections ... even if you have never done a live video in your life.

Value $497

Unlimited Access with your Ignite Membership

How much is all this going to cost me?

If you’ve stuck with me till now, I know you are serious about making your dream business a reality.

So, I’m sure you realize how important having a coach behind you is.

It’s the single fastest way to speed up your business growth and skyrocket your profits.

In fact, I’ve spent thousands of dollars to get this level of access to my mentors.

But since I want to see you making the impact you were born to make, I’m not charging you that.

I’m not even charging you $1600, which is what would cost you to hire me for weekly one-on-one coaching every month.

No, today you are getting no holds barred access to my business knowledge, a personal mentor, and an ever-growing library of resources for a fraction of the price. 

Add in the monthly masterclasses, tech training, and bonuses, and the value of this membership over 12 months is close to $20,000... around $1650 a month.

You’re about to get direct access to step-by-step business coaching, actionable advice, and continuous support you need to build and scale your business to explosive levels.

You won't pay $1650, $1200, $1000, or even $500 a month…

Join Ignite Now

Take back control of your business - and your life!

Monthly Membership



 Get started with the blueprint that will ignite your business growth for just $97. You'll have instant and ongoing access to everything offered in the membership as an active monthly subscriber. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime. 

Get, Set... IGNITE!


Annual Membership Benefits

Three exclusive perks to explode your business in the shortest amount of time...


Two Months Free!

Business owners committed to long-term growth who join Ignite as an Annual Member, get two months of their membership on me! That means you'll get 12 months of value for the price of 10.

Save $194



Want to grab one of our additional programs or digital products? We treat our annual members to a 50% off coupon code for ANY programs they want to purchase with us, current and new!

Save up to $1200 


Social Media Content Planner

Our social media content planner is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to expand their reach and build connections. This 39-page planner includes guides, trackers, and calendars so you'll know what and when to post. This planner is an essential tool for anyone looking to create content that is relevant, timely, and engaging. Can be applied to any social media platform.

Value $147

Join Ignite Now

Take back control of your business - and your life!

Choose the subscription plan that works best for you

Monthly Membership



 Get started with the blueprint that will ignite your business growth for just $97. You'll have instant and ongoing access to everything offered in the membership as an active monthly subscriber. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime. 

Get, Set... IGNITE!

Annual Membership



Business owners serious about long-term growth will get access to additional perks as an ANNUAL member. Get 2 months FREE, 50% off all other programs as long as you are a member, and our 39-page Social Media Content Planner FREE.

Get, Set... IGNITE!

Frequently Asked Questions

You're ambitious about giving your family a life of freedom and flexibility.

A life of abundance and joy.

You have the power to make that dream a reality by believing in yourself and investing in your business.

With Ignite, I want to give you a structured way to go from confusion to clarity. From not knowing the next steps to getting a complete blueprint that’ll work for YOUR business.

My mission is to help you experience the happiness and freedom I have received from running a successful home-based business.

Because I truly believe you deserve a rewarding life filled you more prosperity than you ever thought possible.

I’m so excited for you to dive in!