What is Clutter and How is it Affecting Your Business?

clutter online business systems organization Mar 13, 2020
At Banish Business Clutter Challenge we help business owners start their journey to creating a clutter-free business and life.
But, what does it mean to Banish Business Clutter?
When you hear the word "clutter", do you just think of physical clutter? A messy desk? A pile of paperwork? A room in your home that is disorganized?
According to Merriam-Webster, clutter as a noun means what I just mentioned... a crowded or confused mass or collection and things that clutter a place.
Clutter as a verb means...
to run in disorder; to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness.
That takes the word clutter to a whole new level. Do I want anything in my business or my life that IMPEDES movement and REDUCES effectiveness?
Do you?
In 1995, I was a newlywed and a music teacher who launched a home-based business as a side gig. (Long before the term "gig economy" was a thing.)

Over the next 20 years, that business ended up changing my life and the life of my family. I could go on and on about the joy and blessings and opportunities I experienced by being a business owner. 

But, being a business owner also had its challenges. For me, one of the biggest challenges was that feeling of overwhelm.

Every day I was trying to keep up with communication with my customers and my team. Trying to keep up with information and training systems that always seemed to be changing. Technology and social media were supposed to make our lives easier, but as the years went on... everything felt more complicated. There was more to learn, more to figure out, more to do. 

And then there was my office. It was a disaster with a capital D. Piles of paperwork, stacks of contact information, receipts for business expenses, and random notes and post-its filled my workspace. My digital space was just as cluttered as my desk. My desktop was full of screenshots and images, files I could never locate, passwords I never remembered, and thousands of emails in my inbox. 

Working in this environment not only cluttered my space but cluttered my mind. Sometimes I wasn't motivated or able to focus on the activities that would get me to my goals. I was overwhelmed and stressed because I knew I was missing opportunities and wasting so much time. I came to realize that CLUTTER was holding me back and I knew I had to make a change.

Fast forward to today and my life and business are completely different. I'm no longer surviving but thriving. No more paperwork piles. My desk (and desktop) are clear of clutter. All of the information I need has a place and I can find it easily.

How did I do it? How long did it take? What did I learn along the way?

Click here to learn more.

Are you ready to Banish Business Clutter so you can focus on the activities and people who matter most and create the business and life you desire?

I'm excited to be a part of your journey. Let's do it together.

Lydia xo  


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