2: Three Things You Need to Launch and Scale Your Online Business

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Launch Perspective Podcast Episode 2


Want to launch or scale your online business, but overwhelmed with where to start? These three things will have the biggest impact on your results.


00:00 - Introduction and welcome
01:46 - Knowing where to start means you'll focus on what matters
03:24 - How Indecisiveness and overthinking affect your progress
05:33 - The 3 things you need to launch and scale your online business
06:14 - Without an offer, you don't have a business
08:41 - Offers won't sell without a marketing plan
10:22 - Leads are the lifeline of your business
13:06 - How to get access to my free guide

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Let me go ahead and jump into the biggest, most common question I get. And I want to let you know another exciting thing. At the end, I'm going to be sharing a resource with all of you. It's a link to a brand-new guide that we just put together. It just launched this morning. You all are going to love it. And it's going to put together a lot of the information I'm getting ready to share with you today in a beautiful PDF that you can reference again and again. So, stay tuned, you are not going to want to miss out on that guide. 

So, the biggest question that I get asked, especially for aspiring course creators, coaches who want to bring their business online, is where do I start? Right. How many of you remember this question if you are a seasoned business owner? I can remember that feeling so well because it was not that long ago. I launched my business, Banish Business Clutter, in March of 2020 and I had been dreaming about launching the business for over five years prior to that. So, that was five years of thinking of this question: if I ever launch my own online business, where will I start? 

Because if you're like me, the ideas are nonstop in your head. Well, I could do this, and I could create a course on that, and well, how will I get started, and how am I going to find the people that buy it, and what are the things I need to do? And you start feeling so overwhelmed that it stops you in your tracks. Right. How many of you have ever felt like there's so many options you can't choose? Right. You have no idea what your next step should be because you're worried about one thing: making the wrong choice. 

So, I want to talk about that first and for most it's something I talked about in the first episode of our podcast. And that is you have to embrace the perspective that you only learn what will work by launching. So, I want you to remember that indecisiveness, that overthinking that we do to make a decision, that holds us back. Because if we only launched things when we feel like it's the right decision, the perfect decision, that it's going to get the best results, you're going to delay your ability to scale your business. You're going to spend so much time making decisions and not launching something to learn what works and what doesn't. 

This podcast is a perfect example. Do I feel like I'm doing everything right with this podcast? No, but by doing it and joining right here live in this group to deliver this content I'm learning what works for me, what works for you, how it's gonna all come together. Right. You just have to take that massive imperfect action and go for it. Right. But here is where I want you to hear me. The key is making sure that in all these decisions you're making on how to launch and scale your business that you know the three most important things that every business owner needs. And I'm hoping that when I share these three things it's going to bring so much more clarity on where you need to be spending your time and where you need to focus. All right. 

I have learned these three things from trial and error, and I finally put it together into a formula. That I'm telling you it doesn't matter what your niche is, what type of online business you have. Every type of online business owner needs to focus on these three things. And I think it's going to help answer the question: where do I start? All right. 

So, I'm going to say this quirky little thing. So instead of saying it's all you need, ALL, I want you to think oll you need, OLL. Now you're going to remember that cause I said that little story. But all you need is OLL. You need an offer, you need a launch, and you need leads. It's that simple. I'm going to go into each of these in a little bit more detail, so you know exactly what I mean. But if I was going to break this down to the simplest answer to what every business owner needs to launch a new business, or to scale an existing business, your focus, your energy, your time needs to be on these three things: you're offer, your launch and leads. Okay. 

So, let's talk about them for a little bit. Every business, if you want to call it a business, needs an offer. Okay. An offer is what you sell. So, this seems very basic. So why would I even mention this? I could tell you story after story. You've probably seen them on social media of people who have launched businesses and six months later, 12 months later, five years later, they still have not earned a revenue. OK. They're not making money. And if you're not making money, you don't have a business, you have a hobby. Right. So, my goal today is to inspire you to focus on the thing that matters, because if you're not making money, you're not going to be in business long. And you have that awesome purpose and calling and talents and gifts that you have. They need to get out into the world. So, if you're not making money and you have to shut down your business, that's not just hurting you personally, but now all of those people you would have impacted are going to be affected as well.

So, I want you to have the right mindset about money. We earn money to create more opportunities and freedom and to live our life with the people that matter in the ways that matter. Right. So, I just want to put that out there because if you don't have an offer and you're not comfortable about promoting your offer, it's going to be very challenging to launch and scale a business.

You should feel so passionate about your offer. Okay. You should understand what it is, who it serves, you know, who benefits from it, you know, why it is so valuable, and all of this confidence comes with time. Okay. In the beginning, I remember thinking, what is the first thing I'm going to offer? I knew I wanted it to be a digital course, but I'm like a digital course on what? I could teach a digital course on any number of things. I have lots of interests, lots of things I love, lots of things that people come to me to learn. So, I was like, what course should I take? Right. 

So, I understand that there's a lot of decisions to make on the type of offer you want. But before we get into the options, I just want you to understand that if you're spending time on the offers, you're spending time on something of value, because you're creating something that you can sell and scale. All right. 

So, offer is number one and the number two is launch. And what I mean by this is it's your marketing plan to sell the offer. Some people are all about the offer. They're like, I'm going to create the signature course. It's going to be 16 modules. And I know every detail of what's going to be in it, and they spend a year creating it, filming it. It's amazing. It's beautiful. They put it up on their website and total crickets, no purchases. And it's because they spent time on just the offer, but not the launch, how they were going to launch this product and how they were going to create a marketing plan that would sell it. Okay. Your launch is how you create raving fans who cannot wait to purchase your offer. How many of you would love to have that? Right. 

You know creating a business that's scalable, you cannot be the person that's always like, you know, just selling, you're the person who's sharing value in a structured way where people clearly understand the value you bring, how the value you bring is going to benefit them, and then they go, that's what I need, that's what I want, here's my credit card. It really does work like that when you get this down. Okay. It takes some practice and some tweaking, but I just want you to know if you have an offer and you have a launch strategy, all right, those are the two out of the three things that you absolutely need to launch or scale your business. Okay. 

The third one is leads. Right. Leads are potential customers, potential clients, potential students, members, whatever the thing is that you're trying to bring into your world based on your offer. If you do not have leads consistently coming in, your business will eventually fizzle out. Right. I learned this when I was in direct sales. Right. My first business was a 20-year career in direct sales. If I always sold that product I was selling to my same family and friends, not only would I drive them crazy, but I would run out of things to share with them because you can't share the same offers with the same people. All right. You need leads.

Leads are the lifeline. Okay. They're the lifeline to new revenue opportunities, to growth and not only just generating leads, but learning how to nurture those leads. What are you doing with leads when they come into your world? It's all about creating a path and a journey for your leads so they clearly understand what it is that you do and how it benefits them. And in this nurture sequence what are you doing? You're creating that know-like-trust factor. Okay. And I don't just mean an email nurture sequence. I mean how you're showing up and sharing content. Once they're in your world and on your email list, now you can make that relationship and build those connections and conversations that turn people into converting customers and converting into your offer. All right. 

So that's it guys. It's those three basic things. So, if you've been struggling, one, because you're like I'm not launching my business because I don't know where to start or you've already launched your business and you feel like you're on this hamster wheel that never ends. Right. You're doing all the things, but nothing is gaining traction. I want you to ask yourself: where am I focused on my time and is my time and effort focused on these three things? You may do one of them really well but need to work on the other two. You may do two of them really well, but you're like, you know what I have an offer, I have a launch, but I'm not doing enough to fill the funnel. Right. I don't have enough eyeballs on my offers. Right. That's where the leads come in and therefore, I'm not scaling.

So, I want you to be encouraged by this. I want you to be encouraged that there's only three things we're focusing on. Okay. And that by focusing on these three things, making even small changes and improvements in these areas can make a massive difference. All right. 

I have an amazing tool that I'm going to be sharing with you, and it's a guide that explains the different types of offers, the different types of launches and many different ways on how to generate leads. So, the link you want to go to is banishbusinessclutter.com/guide. I am so excited about this guide. We put together this 15 page kind of getting started guide and it's everything that you need to know, do, it's all of the ideas that we've been talking about on the podcast, all of the options of offers and all of the types of launches, and all of the different ways that you can generate leads are inside this guide.

So be sure to go to banishbusinessclutter.com/guide and go ahead and get that now. You're going to want to look at this again and again, and it's definitely going to help you get some clarity on where to focus and the types of things for you. Remember indecisiveness is the enemy. Right. We're going to decide and do because it's that motion that leads to momentum. 

Thank you so much for supporting me in this new journey of podcasting. I so appreciate you and all of the people that have been following me, whether you're a new subscriber, or some of you I know have been groupies for a long time, and I so appreciate you.

Thanks so much. We'll see you guys next time.

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