My Podcast Interview with Mister Productivity


 One of the things I love about being an online business owner is all of the connections I've made with other online business owners.

I met Mark Struczewski, a.k.a. Mister Productivity, in an online networking event for Kajabi users.

(Haven't heard of Kajabi? It's the awesome platform I use to run my business.)

Anyway, in this online event, I was sharing that I left my corporate training and coaching position in March of 2020 to launch Banish Business Clutter, focused on helping business owners reduce physical, digital, and mental clutter.

I was thrilled when Mark reached out to connect, because we share the same passion for helping others increase productivity. I mean who wouldn't want to connect with someone whose domain is

We not only share Polish heritage (his last name was an instant clue), but we practically finish each other's sentences when we chat about systems and digital tools. 

Click play above to listen to our interview as Mark and I chat about how clutter makes you feel, the three types of clutter, and my two-word secret to decluttering success.

Lydia xo

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