How to Create One Month of Social Media Content for Your Business in Just One Hour

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How to create one month of social media content for your business in just One Hour

As a business owner and digital tools trainer, I’ve tried many business tools over the years.  Every once in a while one of those new tools is a complete game-changer.  I’m sharing one of those tools with you today! 

Canva Pro is a unicorn tool.  Yes, it’s a paid subscription but it’s super affordable and so WORTH IT!

I recently did a video to share some of the amazing features and how this has changed my business, saved me tons of hours, and a lot of money.

You can watch the video above.

What is Canva

If you’ve never heard of Canva, it’s basically a user-friendly online tool that allows  you to create beautiful designs as a solo business owner or even with your team. You can use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share, and print social media content, business cards, slide presentations and so much more.   If you haven’t already at least dappled in Canva, you’re going to be blown away.

How to Create One Month worth of Social Media Content in less than an Hour

In my video I go into all the details and actually show you how to create one month worth of social media content in less than an hour using just Canva Pro and a social media template pack. 

These two things allow me to  focus on more important tasks in my business - and it has allowed me to grow my business faster.

I recommend you take 30 seconds to sign up for your own Canva Pro account first - a FREE totally risk-free trial for 30 days with this link.

And then grab this Social Media Template Pack.

Then come back to this post and watch the 20-minute video training. 

Creating content for social media allows you to connect with new leads, build relationships, and ultimately turn those leads into clients and customers. I show you how easy this is to do in the video.

Why Canva Pro is a must-have for online business owners

The features included with Canva Pro  is what makes this tool so exciting - a no-brainer!  In this video tutorial I show you what these features actually look like, but these are some of my favorites...


Canva Pro allows you to create folders for your projects, images, and designs.  If you’re in my Facebook Group you know how much I love a good organizational tool and this is definitely that.  The folder system inside Canva Pro allows me to keep my content organized so it’s easy to find, duplicate, and repurpose.


You actually get some photos, illustrations and graphic icons with the free version of Canva but the quality and number of images on Canva Pro is a million times better.  This makes finding the perfect image much faster.  With Canva Pro you’ll save money if you are currently subscribing to another photo subscription site.  (Who doesn’t like saving money??!)


This one is one of my favorite features.  This feature alone will end up saving you hours and hours when designing your graphics. Upload  different logos, color palettes and fonts so you can quickly create and brand your content - amazing, right!  


With Canva Pro you can create and schedule content to 7 social media platforms, including your Facebook page, Facebook groups, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. (Instagram is not available at this time, but thanks to the Canva app, you can easily download your creations from the Canva app and upload them to Instagram.)

If you’re a solo business owner, this feature alone will save you so much time!  If you’re like me and outsource some of this work to your virtual assistant, you will save quite a bit of money because this saves time.  And time = $$.  

Being able to create and schedule posts from ONE tool is why this is a game-changer. As a small business owner, entrepreneur, blogger, virtual assistant, network marketer or anyone else building a business and creating online content, you’ll absolutely LOVE Canva Pro.  

Get free training on how to create content, build your online business faster and get organized.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Lydia Martin, a Business Coach and Digital Strategist, who’s passionate about  helping business owners like yourself build the life and business you desire.  I’d love for you to join my private Facebook Group Banish the Business Clutter where we talk about how to get organized and implement the systems and tools that will get you results in your business.  

I’m in the group helping everyone out nearly every day - so if you have any comments or questions about Canva Pro (or any other business topic) I hope you’ll hop on over to the group so I can help you!

Lydia xo


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