Grow Your Audience & Authority, Increase Engagement, and Boost Your Sales with Live Video

business business tool content marketing entrepreneur live video social media content video marketing Feb 09, 2021

As a business owner,  how do you consistently generate more leads? students? clients? customers?  referrals? sales?

How do you make online connections and build relationships?

There is one thing that has helped me do all of the above... LIVE VIDEO!!

I launched my business in March 2020 with ZERO people on my email list. Here's what live video did for my business in just 8 months:

Email Subscribers - 1700

Group Members - 1100

Courses Sold - 241

Coaching Clients - 42

Team Members - 2

LIVE VIDEO builds connections and relationships which equals more engagement. Connections build confidence in the value that you bring as a business owner and it helps you to focus on what your audience needs.

What tools should you use?

If you are just getting started, you don't need a lot of fancy equipment. You can go LIVE from your phone. But, there are many benefits to using software that allows you to go live from your PC or Mac.

You can share your screen, show comments from live viewers, add image and video overlays, add text and so much more. These features allow you to share visuals that increase connection and engagement.

What software should you use?

If you have a PC, I recommend Streamyard.

If you have a Mac, I recommend Ecamm.

It's time to bring LIVE VIDEO into your online business systems!

  • Grow your audience & authority
  • Increase engagement
  • Boost your sales

So what are you waiting for? 

Lydia xo

Have a Mac and want to learn how to use Ecamm? Click here to get started.






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