Equipment Recommendations for Live & Recorded Video

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What Equipment Do I Need for Live & Recorded Videos?


Think you need a bunch of fancy software and equipment to utilize video in your business? Think again.
When Facebook Live launched in 2016, I started live streaming with nothing more than my iPhone.
A few years later I was introduced to Ecamm Live, a live streaming tool for Macs, and I was able to create amazing video content from my desktop.
Video has been the KEY to launching and building my business because I use it consistently to build relationships, expand my reach, and connect with leads and clients.
If you are just getting started with video OR you are ready to up-level your LIVE and recorded videos, you may be wondering what equipment you need.
Here is the list of equipment that is currently in my office which now doubles as a recording/live streaming studio!
Before you think, "I can't afford all of that," know this...
I’ve been accumulating these items over the last 6 years. You do not need a ton of equipment to effectively grow your business and connect with your audience. You start with what you have and add things as needed or when you are ready to take your streaming and video content creation to the next level!
I used to use a Ring Light until I started wearing glasses full time.
But, now I have the Viltrox LED lights which come with a remote so you can easily adjust the brightness and temperature. (I purchased the set of 3 so I can have 2 in front of me and one facing the wall behind me OR to use behind my green screen.)



If you aren't ready to add a fancy camera to your video setup just yet, at least invest in a Webcam.

Here’s the difference between the camera on my Mac and the Logitech Webcam! 

Microphone & Accessories
I used to use this microphone from Audio Technica. It's a great value for the price.
Recently, I switched to this Samsung and I like the sound quality even more. Perfect for podcasting.
Microphone Windscreen (helps with the "pop" sounds)
Mic Stand
If you want the Mic off of your desk.
I use this on my desk or as a selfie stick.
Green Screen
A Green Screen is not necessary, but you can do some really fun things with Ecamm if you have one!
Mine is the Valera Explorer Portable Green Screen or click here for a retractable version.
Here is how everything looks. (Click here for a video view of my setup.)
As of last month and two years after launching my business, I decided it was time to invest in a camera that would give me a more professional look for my lives and recorded videos.
I LOVE my new Sony ZV-E10, but boy was it hard to get my hands on one with the chip shortage going on.
All I can say is WOW, what a difference.
If you'd like to see what else I purchased along with my new camera (a number of things were needed), check out my Camera Equipment Kit at
Video Editing
I started with iMovie then used Camtasia for Mac, and now I use Screenflow. They are all fantastic and there are tons of YouTube videos and tutorials that show you how!
Live Streaming Application
If you own a Mac, I can’t recommend Ecamm enough!!! I had the Standard Version for 2 years and now use the Pro version. You also get a 14-Day Free Trail with the link below.
Mac Users >> ECAMM LIVE
PC Users >> Streamyard or BeLive
Want to learn how to use Ecamm? Check out my course >> Ecamm Made Easy
Let me know what is on your equipment list or if you give any of these things a try!
Lydia xo

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