7 Reasons to Choose Kajabi for Your Online Business

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7 Reasons to Choose Kajabi for Your Online Business

When I launched my online business over 4 years ago, deciding on the platform that would allow me to market, sell, and deliver my programs felt overwhelming. But after researching the features of multiple platforms, the choice was clear. Kajabi has be instrumental in bringing my digital aspirations to life and growing my business to what it is today.

It's an all-in-one platform that has supported my vision throughout my online business journey and offered a multitude of benefits that have allowed me to build a business that supports my family. 

Here are 7 reasons why I chose Kajabi...


1. A Complete Business Solution: Kajabi isn't just a platform—it's a powerhouse that integrates everything I need to market, sell, and deliver my offerings seamlessly. From website creation to email services, lead magnets to sales pages, course delivery to payment processing, Kajabi is the backbone of my online business. I was able to launch my website, a 5-Day Challenge, and my first course in just 6 weeks thanks to Kajabi!

2. Value Beyond Compare: I discovered unparalleled value in what this platform offers. Unlike other solutions that nickel-and-dime for additional services like video hosting or email, Kajabi provides a comprehensive suite of tools which means you don't have to pay for additional services. With plans starting as low as $69 a month plus a 20% discount on annual plans, you'll not only save with this all-in-one tool, you'll have less tech headaches vs. purchasing separate tools that need to be connected.

Here's a snapshot of Kajabi's Pricing Plans as of 5/9/24:

3. Exceptional Customer Experience: Beyond my own experience, it was paramount for me to ensure a superlative experience for my customers and students. Courses built on Kajabi stand out for their accessibility, intuitive design, and user-friendly navigation. The platform ensures that my programs not only look stunning but also function flawlessly, fostering an unparalleled learning journey for my students.

View my courses, memberships, and programs in this behind-the-scenes video.


4. Unmatched Support: Navigating new technologies can be daunting, but with Kajabi, I found a reliable support system that empowers me every step of the way. The robust Kajabi Help Center, collaborative community, and dedicated Kajabi University have been instrumental in enhancing my proficiency and efficiency within the platform.

5. Celebrating Milestones: The incentivizing Kajabi Hero Awards serve as more than just tokens of achievement—they embody recognition and motivation on the entrepreneurial path. Kajabi sends you fun rewards and recognition at various levels starting at your first 1,000 in sales. Being celebrated when you reach each revenue milestones means so much!

Watch this REEL when I was recognized as a $500K Kajabi Hero.


6. Empowering Partnerships: The Kajabi Partner Program embodies the essence of sharing success. By recommending Kajabi to aspiring entrepreneurs, I not only extend valuable support but also unlock a stream of recurring commissions and bonuses that fuel mutual growth and success. I do not take this opportunity lightly! I LOVE to support my Kajabi partners with extra support and FREE ACCESS to my Kajabi training course.


7. Commitment to Innovation: Kajabi's unwavering dedication to growth and enhancement is a testament to its commitment to empowering businesses to thrive. With a relentless focus on user feedback and continuous improvement, Kajabi evolves alongside its users, ensuring a future-ready platform that I know will grow along with my business!


Kajabi has truly been a comprehensive platform that supported my vision throughout my online business journey and continues to offer a multitude of benefits that allows me to support my family and impact the world.

If the benefits above are what you've been looking for, I invite you to get started with Kajabi!


Which Kajabi Plan is Right for Me?

If you are just getting started with your business, I recommend the Kickstarter Plan. This plan is only $69 a month or $660 annually and includes a 14 day free trial. This level covers you as you build your first offer and then you can upgrade once you reach your first 250 subscribers or 50 customers. Click here and choose the Kickstarter Plan.


Already have an audience? 

You can start with a 30-Day Free Trial. This trial is NOT available through Kajabi, but only through Kajabi Partners like myself. Click here to claim your 30-Day free trial and during the trial period you will have access to Kajabi's Growth Plan which is the level I started with. This plan offers 24/7 live chat and all of the benefits needed to launch and scale.

Note: If you do not need the robust Growth Plan, you can downgrade to BASIC before your trial ends. You cannot download to the Kickstarter Plan with this promotion so only sign up for the 30 day free trial if you plan to continue with the Basic or Growth after the trial period. (See pricing chart above for details about each plan.)


No matter which plan you choose, after you sign up for Kajabi, you will receive an email with instructions to get FREE ACCESS to my complete Kajabi Training Course! It walks you through each step of setting up your offer, lead magnet, website, sales page, and course... and includes checklists and guides plus marketing tips so you can earn back your investment quickly! 

Click here to learn more about all of the benefits you'll receive by joining Kajabi.

Have questions? Click Contact Us on this page or email us at [email protected].  


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