Why I Recommend

Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield 

Digital Course Academy gave me the confidence and courage to launch my digital course business in 2020. Since then I've welcomed over 1500 students into my courses and within 18 months I was able to retire my husband to work with me!

Digital Courses have allowed us to create the life we've always dreamed of.

What will a digital course do for you?


Digital Course Academy (DCA) is your once-a-year opportunity to get access to Amy's comprehensive program that teaches you how to create, launch, and scale your business with a digital course.

You'll receive special perks and personal support from me when you join DCA through my partner link.


Is Digital Course Academy for you?

Digital Course Academy is right for people who are tired of their work-life balance being dictated to them. It’s for people who are ready to take back control of that balance, and live, work, and earn on THEIR terms.
It’s right for you if…

✔ You're a service provider looking to create a course that will tap into higher potentials in the number of people you help, in greater free-time, and in a widened cash flow.

✔ You’re tired of putting in the time and energy in someone else’ business and are motivated to do so much more working for your own business.

 ✔ You’re feeling business minded and want to build a business around a course that works on its own to earn money for you, without consuming all of your time to do so.

✔ You’ve been creating/running an online course that just hasn’t delivered on results, and you want to fine tune inputs, enrich deliverables to clients, and boost incoming cash flow.

Yes! This is me!

If we haven't met...

I'm Lydia and my passion is helping others create a profitable business with digital courses so they can increase their freedom and impact.

What I love about Amy is her step-by-step teaching style that turns course confusion into clarity so you can create and launch a profitable digital course.

Digital Course Academy had a profound impact on my business in 2020... taking my launches to a whole new level.

I'd love to welcome you to DCA as one of my partners so we can work together.

You'll get Amy and me as your mentors as you launch or scale your business with a digital course.

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