Transform Your Digital Chaos into Streamlined Systems in 4 Weeks

Extreme Makeover Digital Edition

  • Here's what is included:
  • 4 training videos that will transform your digital chaos
  • Watch one video a week and you'll experience a digital makeover in 4 weeks
  • Week 1: Browsers, Bookmarks, and Passwords
  • Week 2: Files, Folders, and Your Desktop
  • Week 3: Email & Calendars
  • Week 4: Photos and Toolbars
  • Earn weekly badges that keep you accountable and focused on taking action
  • For both Mac and Windows
  • Lifetime access to all training
  • Here's what you'll learn...
  • How to properly set up your files and folders so you can FIND what you need
  • How to set up your toolbar and bookmarks so you can access any web page or application with one click
  • How to sync and save documents and photos so you know your information is safe, secure, and easy to access
  • How to set up a Password Manager so you never have to waste time resetting a password again
  • How to set up and sync your electronic calendars so you can scale and grow your business with automation
  • How to work with your email so nothing falls through the cracks
  • And so much more....