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The Challenge Launch Checklist includes: 


We'll help you identify the key decisions you need to make for your challenge so you get results.


We'll give you the exact time frames of when to implement each step, starting with your pre-launch strategy and then when to promote and deliver your challenge.


We'll show you each step of the Challenge Launch so you know exactly what tools you need to create a challenge that converts.

Get the Challenge Launch Checklist so you can take action and get results!

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Here's why Challenge Launches work...


  • BIG WINS in a short amount of time
  • Taking action with others makes learning FUN
  • Immediate success creates instant TRUST in you and your program

Here's how a Challenge Launch impacts you...


  • Builds awareness about your unique formula or framework
  • Relationships are more easily built over a few days vs a one-hour webinar
  • Boost revenue and build momentum

From Zero to $10K in 5 Days...


Hi! I'm Lydia and I launched my business with ZERO people on my email list but was able to generate my first 10K with a 5-Day Challenge. The rest, as they say, is history. Challenges skyrocketed my business and in just 18 months I was able to retire my husband from his 30-year career to work with me. Now I help others launch and scale with challenges!

If you are ready to take the offers you haven't launched yet and the strategies you haven't quite connected and turn them into a streamlined profit-generating business that allows you to live a life you love, then get the checklist, and let's get started!

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